David Spalding

Interim Vice President for Economic Development and Industry Relations David Spalding presented Iowa State University’s FY19 Economic Development and Technology Transfer Report during the Nov. 14 meeting of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.

Spalding highlighted the university’s economic development efforts and impacts, including technology transfer and research commercialization, that support and enhance economic development throughout the state.

Some of the FY19 Technology Transfer Lifecycle points highlighted were:

  • In fiscal year (FY)19, Iowa State attracted a record $260.9 million of external research support, surpassing the previous FY16 milestone of $252.5 million.
  • External research funding included a record $181.1 million in federal funds.
  • Iowa State researchers submitted 165 disclosures of intellectual property and our technology transfer office filed 98 new patent applications.
  • Thirty-two U.S. patents were issued in FY19.
  • Iowa State currently has 155 license and option agreements yielding income.
  • Iowa State technologies resulted in 46 license and option agreements worldwide with 25 in Iowa.
  • In calendar year (CY) 2018, Iowa companies earned $8.3 million revenue from ISU licensed technologies and four startup companies based on ISU technologies were formed in Iowa.
  • Also in CY18, ISU was 69th on the list of the top 100 institutions with issued U.S. utility patents.