Regents Innovation Fund Proposals

Request for Proposals: RIF RFP FY22-23

The Office of Economic Development and Industry Relations (EDIR) is now accepting applications for FY23 Regents Innovation Fund (RIF) proposals.
FY23 Regents Innovation Fund Proposals

Iowa State Economic Development & Industry Relations (EDIR) is now accepting applications for FY23 Regents Innovation Fund (RIF) proposals. The funds are to support the development of Iowa State University innovations with commercial potential and to help more Iowa State technology reach the marketplace as the foundation for new Iowa companies and/or the growth of existing Iowa companies.

The funding is intended to support a wide-range of stages in technology development, from the initial research concept (prior to intellectual property disclosure), to proof of concept, to licensing and commercialization.  All proposals should have a clear commercial benefit or potential for the state of Iowa and must show a clear participation by Iowa industry(s).  Interdisciplinary proposals are encouraged.

Download the application here, and the evaluation form here. 

Deadline for receipt of applications is May 23, 2022; the review panel date for selected applications is June 13, 2022, between 8 am and 12 pm. Prior to initiating the application process, applicants are encouraged to contact Peter Hong, ISU Startup Factory,, 296-6429, to discuss their idea.