CyBiz Lab

The Iowa State University CyBIZ Lab provides the opportunity for cross functional teams of undergraduate and graduate students to work on business and organizational projects. Students gain hands-on experience working to solve real business problems, and companies and organizations receive potential solutions to business issues from a perspective outside the company.

CyBIZ Lab services are available to existing businesses and corporations, new businesses, startups, and non-profit organizations. Consulting and startup projects are fee based and priced according to complexity and timeframe. Live cases are conducted as part of a for-credit classroom experience. Non-profit organizations are eligible for a matching grant program in which the organization may apply for a grant that will cover half the cost of the project.

Business projects may address organizational challenges including, but not limited to, market analysis, industry research, client surveys, financial analysis, new product or new business feasibility analysis, logistics and supply chain analysis, information systems, or other business issues.


  • Students gain valuable training and experience that will make them more competitive and marketable to employers.
  • Companies receive potential solutions to existing problems from a new perspective.
  • Companies may identify potential new employees who have already spent a great deal of time learning about the company.
  • Relationships between businesses and organizations and the College of Business are strengthened and enhanced.