ISU Office of Intellectual Property and Tech Transfer

As part of its land-grant mission to share knowledge far beyond the campus borders, Iowa State University works vigorously to move research results from the laboratory to the marketplace for the benefit of society. The Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (OIPTT), in conjunction with the Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc. (ISURF) facilitates this process on behalf of Iowa State and the employees and students who create the intellectual property (IP).

Successful transfer of embryonic research results to the marketplace often requires an industry partner willing to invest in the commercial development and marketing of products resulting from the research. OIPTT strives to find those industry partners and then works to meet the needs of the private-sector partner and the Iowa State parties so that the transfer has the best-possible opportunity to succeed. The partner gains rights to the ISURF-owned IP through a licensing process facilitated by OIPTT.

OIPTT should always be your first contact for:  1) anything related to new Iowa State innovations, 2) marketing services for any innovation, and 3) entering into an agreement for the transfer of a technology.

OIPTT’s Mission

To commercialize technologies for the public good.


  • Ensure through outreach activities that our function, services, mission and goals are recognized within the university community .
  • Encourage and facilitate the disclosure and utilization of university innovations.
  • Contribute to the economic development of the State by licensing technologies to qualified Iowa-based companies, including faculty start-ups.
  • Support faculty and staff by providing advice and assistance in working with industry.
  • Facilitate the review of intellectual property matters in the negotiation of agreements between the university and outside parties.
  • Be recognized as a leader in technology transfer within the university, in the business community and among our professional colleagues.