Exhibiting at the conference are (from L-R): Prof Silvia Cianzio (ISU Agronomy), Kevin Scholbrock (CAD Farm Superintendent), Tim Daley (Stonebridge Ltd Agronomist -Producer Contracting), and Dr. Dianah Ngonyama (ISURF Germplasm Licensing).

In conjunction with the Iowa Crop Improvement Association, the Committee for Agricultural Development, and the ISU Agronomy Department, Iowa State University Research Foundation (ISURF) took part in the 2018 Iowa Organic Conference Nov. 18-19.  Building on the conference theme of Building Soils and Society: Assuring Sustainability through Organic Farming, ISURF promoted non-GMO crop varieties including food-grade soybean varieties ideal for the organic food industry.

Announced at the conference was the pre-release of new organic soybean varieties coming from Prof Silvia Cianzio’s program, and new sorghum inbred lines and hybrids coming from Prof Maria Salas-Fernandez’s program. These new varieties are scheduled for trials in 2019, with commercial availability planned for 2020.  Details about varieties currently available for licensing are at https://www.cad.iastate.edu.

ISURF is the licensing entity for plant varieties and germplasm developed at Iowa State University. ISURF will next be participating in the Practical Farmers of Iowa Annual Conference in January 2019. More information can be found at https://practicalfarmers.org/events/annual-conference/.