The Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer’s (OIPTT) Industry Contracts Team announced that it has negotiated industry and commodity-funded research awards totaling $13M through the first six months of Fiscal Year 2018. This total represents a 54% growth over the last four years and puts ISU on pace for one of its best recent years in terms of industry and commodity funded research.

The awards consist of 190 funded research projects representing nearly the entire university, with 104 PIs from 34 departments conducting industry and commodity funded research projects. Two-thirds of the projects are led by faculty in the College of Agriculture and Life Science and the College of Engineering.

A recent report from the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation found that in Calendar Year 2016, the U.S. share of academic research supported by industry was 5.9%, with the State of Iowa sitting at the average, tied for 15th nationally. Iowa State University bested the national and State of Iowa average, with 8.2% of academic research supported by industry during that same time period.

The Industry Contracts team also negotiates material transfer and non-disclosure agreements for ISU. Through the first six months of Fiscal Year 2018, OIPTT has negotiated 201 MTAs and NDAs, working with 160 other entities, 35 academic departments, and 118 researchers.

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